7 of the Most Innovative Tools Helping Real Estate Investors in Tyler Today

Tyler real estate investment can be a lucrative but challenging venture. Fortunately, technology has revolutionized the industry and made it easier for investors to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. In Tyler, real estate investors can benefit from several innovative tools that have transformed the sector. This blog post will highlight seven of the most innovative tools worth considering for real estate investing in Tyler.

Analytics and Analysis

First on the list is Mashvisor, a real estate analytics tool that provides investors with in-depth analysis of the local real estate market. Mashvisor allows investors to analyze rental properties and investment properties to identify the best deals. It also offers rental property analysis, including cash flow, cap rate, and return on investment (ROI) calculations.

Getting Your Feet Wet

RealtyMogul is another innovative online tool used by many investors. It is a real estate crowdfunding platform that connects investors with commercial and residential properties in Tyler. With RealtyMogul, investors can invest in real estate with as little as $1,000.

Finding Rental Properties

Roofstock is a real estate investment platform that connects investors with single-family rental properties in Tyler. The platform offers fully-vetted properties that are already rented out, allowing investors to start earning rental income immediately. Roofstock also provides investors with in-depth property analysis, including estimated cash flow, cap rate, and monthly rent. Keep in mind that services like these can be great for data. Working with a professional buyer at Land Springs will also provide you with the local insight you need. 

Digging Into the Data

PropStream is a real estate data and analytics tool that provides investors with comprehensive real estate data, including property values, ownership information, and mortgage information. The tool also offers an in-depth analysis of the local real estate market, including rental rates, vacancy rates, and average days on the market. PropStream also allows investors to create custom property lists and track properties of interest.

Deals for Seasoned Investors

DealMachine is a real estate investor app that helps investors find off-market deals in Tyler. The app allows investors to take a photo of a property and instantly find out who owns it. Investors can then send a personalized postcard to the property owner, offering to buy the property. DealMachine also provides investors with in-depth property data, such as property value, ownership information, and mortgage information.

The Basics

Zillow is a reputable real estate marketplace that provides investors with an extensive database of properties for sale and rent in Tyler. The platform also offers in-depth property data, including property value estimates, property history, and estimated rent. Zillow also allows investors to list their properties for rent or sale on the platform. Keep in mind that Zillow just offers the basics. Information found here should always be confirmed with a professional such as Land Springs. 

Nothing Beats Working With An Actual Human

Hybrid agents are worth considering as they are real estate agents who also invest in real estate. These agents have a unique perspective on the real estate market and are better equipped to help investors find lucrative investment opportunities. Hybrid agents understand the local real estate market in Tyler and can provide investors with in-depth analysis of the local market, including rental rates, occupancy rates, and property values. They can also provide investors with access to off-market deals and connect them with reputable local contractors and property managers.

Using these innovative tools can help real estate investors in Tyler make informed decisions and take advantage of available opportunities. These tools have transformed the real estate industry and made it easier for investors to navigate the market. If you are ready to buy an investment property in Tyler, reach out to our team to find out what we can offer you! 903-294-5709

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